Photo by Patrick Daly

¡Hola! and Welcome.

Emanuel Vargas, more commonly known by his nickname “Manny,” is a freelance photographer, who currently resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with his wife and two kids. On the weekends, he enjoys spending time with his family, salsa dancing, and making handmade bow ties for fun .  

Manny began showcasing his love for photography as a teenager, and now with over 15 years of experience, it is a dream come true to share this passion with his clients.  He incorporates elements from his graphic design background, creating contemporary imagery that pushes boundaries while still maintaining a traditional but playful style.
Manny’s clients range to major brands in the food and restaurant industry. He captures details in every subject that really bring the products to life.  His keen eye for detail also allows him to capture candid moments that evoke emotions and convey your story. Manny works closely with each of his clients to create amazing work, and ensure that their photographs are everything they imagine.